Complete and Beautiful Yoga Classes Online


In this unprecedented time of social distance and isolation, we want to show our love to our community. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue moving and growing. And so …

We are unlocking 5 yoga classes in our library every week!

You don’t need to be a member to access these classes. They are open and available to anyone!

Classes currently open:
Meditator’s Delight – Level I, 36 mins
Bedtime Yoga – Level I/II, 26 mins
Yoga for Santosha – Level I/II, 49 mins
Invigorating Flow – Level II, 45 mins
Revitalizer – Level II/III, 34 mins

In addition we will keep our usual 4 Free Classes for non-members available on on our website too. That’s 9 classes open to anyone and everyone! While we are making these classes free, we are grateful for any support you can provide. If you are able to make a donation to Yoga Natyam, please click on the Donate button below. We wish you health, wellness, and a meaningful home practice during this time.

New to yoga or ready to advance your practice?

FlowerLogin anytime and anywhere you have internet to access Yoga Natyam’s full library of classes. Filter classes by LEVEL to stream the right class for your ability. And check back often! To keep your practice fresh, we’ll keep our library growing!

Tight on time?

FlowerWe understand completely. We’re here to help you fit yoga into your day in any way that works for you. Whether early in the morning, late at night, or in between to-do’s, filter classes by LENGTH and select from options that range from 15-70 minutes.

Specific goals?

FlowerWhile all Yoga Natyam classes provide total-body strengthening, stretching, and integration, filter classes by FOCUS to select a Neck/Shoulders/Upper Body, Spine/Core/Organ Detox, or Hips/Legs/Balance option to support your needs today.

Take it to the mat.

FlowerBecoming a member is easy and secure. Click on “Become a Member” above to begin your FREE 1-WEEK TRIAL. Then stay on as a member for just $19/month. That means you can practice yoga whenever and wherever you want for less than 65¢/day!

Now move the coffee table. Turn off the phone. And give yourself some YOU time.

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