fea742eaf79611e2a08722000a1f91ab_5Check out what some of our members are saying!

“After a long day at work, a run outside, or a midday nap, nothing beats the ability to pop open my iPad and step into a world of self care. You are transported to an oasis that is both kind and safe with the gentle tone of Gina’s voice and musical layering by Ataraxic. Having the ability to choose where I’d like to go in my practice that day, with the wide variety of classes available in the Yoga Natyam library, makes a world of difference to me and my busy schedule. I can’t say enough, not only about the quality of YN’s offerings, but also of their responsiveness and eagerness to create and build onto the space their students need and crave. I’ve recommended YN to many friends and patients and will continue to spread my belief in their powerful and remarkable work. Be ready to have your mind and body artfully challenged and your heart generously soothed.”
-Alexandra, New York, NY

“Today is day 5 of the 14 day yoga challenge. Thank you for the wonderful resource that I’ve found in Yoga Natyam. In the last five days, I’ve slept better, surfed better, danced better, made healthier eating choices and my back is not in constant pain. After an intense year of PhD graduate school, my body got pretty wrecked. So much time sitting in seminars, sitting in my office reading, sitting at home reading. The first day of this challenge was difficult. The second day even more so. But now, I look forward to my time on the mat. I can’t recommend this FREE program enough! Kyle’s great music supporting Gina’s calm voice. The beautiful locations in nature, whether it’s Bird Rock, San Diego or Jerusalem, Israel, you will look forward to joining your new friends on your yogic path.”
-Sam, San Diego, CA

“Just enjoyed the¬†Rise and Shine¬†session and my body feels so much more stable and ready to meet the day’s demands. Gina, your instruction is so soothing and easy on the ears! Thanks for a fabulous start to my day!!”
-Kay, London, UK

“As a student, the accessibility of Yoga Natyam helps me get to my mat before work and start the day feeling light on my feet. As an instructor, I find inspiration for my own classes in Gina’s thoughtfully-sequenced and deliberate movements. Yoga Natyam ensures that I always have time for yoga. Even though I still enjoy my in-person group classes, I don’t stress about working late or getting caught in traffic causing me to miss class because I know I can still get quality instruction at home. Thank you for the light you bring to the yoga community!”
-Maki, San Diego, CA

“Yoga Natyam is by far the best yoga website I have come across!! I admire your professionalism, dedication and above all the variety of classes you offer and the quality of information on your website.”
-Maja, Vienna, Austria

“I am so very grateful that I have my membership for Yoga Natyam! It’s such a huge blessing to take a yoga class when it’s convenient to me, and so often that has been late at night. I’ve tried yoga classes before at gyms or with DVD’s, but your cuing is so specific that it makes it very easy to follow along. I never find myself frustrated because I can’t keep up or remember what pose I’m supposed to be doing. I just listen to what you say to do, step by step. Your classes truly combine both strengthening and stretching perfectly. Just yesterday I woke with my lower back extremely achy, and so here I was, way out here in Guam on a Saturday afternoon; but I simply logged on and chose your Level II class Refresh, Realign, Reintegrate. By the end of the class, my lower back ache was completely relieved. What would I do without you, Gina? Thank you so much for putting your gift for teaching yoga online!”
-Rachel, Guam

“I tried many yoga classes after a car accident, but I couldn’t keep up. Too much pain. Gina tells you to do ‘what feels comfortable.’ Given my busy work schedule, I signed up for her online/anytime classes for my neck pain. Be sure to utilize the spine class online. You will have the best posture and the least pain.”
-Julie, San Diego, CA

“Just took the Level I/II Gentle Flow class. What a GREAT workout! Perfect for my level and my 60-year-old body. Thanks so much for your excellent descriptions of the movements and for the excellent demonstrations. I love this website and your teaching!”
-Reina, Chula Vista, CA