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All Yoga Natyam classes provide total-body strengthening, stretching, and integration. We have carefully designed a variety of classes to accommodate students of all ages and stages of life. Always be mindful of your level and ability as you approach the poses in our classes. If any pose creates discomfort, pain, or is just downright too hard, please modify the pose or take a rest to fit your needs. Listen to your body and honor your needs without judgement.

Two ways to find the perfect class for your day:

Search Member Classes and filter classes by Length, Level, and/or Focus. Here’s the rundown on what to expect.

•••Level Options

Our Level I and Level I/II classes begin by tuning the mind to subtle levels of awareness. Breath and movement become intimately intertwined through energizing flows of standing and mid-level poses. Then students detoxify and restore through a series of poses on the ground. These classes are designed to be accessible for students new to yoga as well as revitalizing for yogis with experience.

Our Level II and Level II/III classes offer a more vigorous practice appropriate for students with experience. These classes emphasize use of the breath in flowing sequences of poses designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. Challenge yourself at your level (modifications provided), and finish feeling more balanced mentally and physically.

•••Length Options

We understand that different days allow for different amounts of time to devote to practice. For days when you are fitting yoga into a full schedule, we offer 15-30 minute classes and 30-45 minute classes. For days when you have a little more time, we offer 45-60 minute classes and 60-75 minute classes.

•••Focus Options

Our classes are searchable by three primary foci: 1) Classes for Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Body; 2) Classes for Spine, Core, and Organ Detox; and 3) Classes for Hips, Legs, and Balance. While each class focuses on one of these categories, all Yoga Natyam classes provide total-body strengthening, stretching, and integration.

Search Free Classes

We are thrilled to now offer free classes for members and non-members alike. Our free classes provide a short flowing sequence to spruce up your day. Be sure to select a class that is an appropriate level for you.

Curious to see what our classes look and sound like? Take one of our Free Classes and feel it out!