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Lively Flow
Level: II
Length: 35 minutes
Focus: Spine, Core, Organ Detox
Description: Lively Flow is a total-body workout in 35 minutes. Flow swiftly through a sequence of poses designed to decompress your spine and tone your core.
Vertical Flow
Level: I
Length: 28 minutes
Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Upper Body
Description: Comprised entirely of standing poses, Vertical Flow is perfect for an afternoon stretch at the office, or for those who find it difficult to bear weight on their hands.
Morning Wake-Up Flow
Level: I/II
Length: 25 minutes
Focus: Spine, Core, Organ Detox
Description: Enliven body, mind, and spirit in Morning Wake-Up Flow and feel energized all day long.

Calming Evening Flow
Level: I
Length: 27 minutes
Focus: Hips, Legs, Balance
Description: Tune into your body, breath, and sensation in Calming Evening Flow, then gradually slow your nervous system down to settle for the evening.