Yoga 101


The Sanskrit word yoga translates in English to “yoke” or “union.” It is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that originated in ancient India to help people achieve a more permanent state of peace. Yoga is the union of many opposites: the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, mind and body, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, effort and ease, and many more.

Though yoga’s roots are ancient, yoga is a living tradition and an ever-evolving practice. Today, there seem to be as many styles of yoga as there are teachers. We know that navigating the various forms of yoga and the abundance of Sanskrit words in the studio can be daunting. Our Yoga 101 resource is a basic primer on yoga to ensure that you are practicing safely. It is intended to enrich time on the mat for both yoga beginners and experienced yogis. Take a breath and dig in.

Pose By Pose – Check out our pose tutorials, including pictures and detailed descriptions of several fundamental asanas, or yoga poses. Transform your practice by deepening your awareness of alignment and intention within the poses. Though we are not able to provide tutorials of every yoga pose out there, many of the points of alignment can be applied to other yoga poses you come across in class.

Breath By Breath – This section explains several of the most common pranayama practices, or breathing techniques, in yoga. Integrate pranayama into your practice to awaken awareness, relieve stress, and connect to your inner self.

Deepen Your Practice – Understand the historical and philosophical context for what we do in an asana practice. Here, learn about the eight limbs of yoga, the energetic body, and additional aspects of yoga that can support your growth.

Articles – For deeper insights into the body and the practice of yoga, check out these articles written by Yoga Natyam founder Gina Sorensen.